The International Spy Museum

Visitors are given cover identities, learn to crack codes, and partake in virtual missions. It's not a spy museum, it's a spy academy.

Life already made you into an amateur spy.

Come hone your espionage skills at the Spy Museum.


Undercover Ads

Historical spy gadgets disguised as fashion ads (wait for GIFs).

Lipstick-Gun (1).gif
Lipstick-Gun_in-situ (1).gif
IG_Stories_Undercover (1).gif

Morse Code Radio Spot

Morse code promo that can be decrypted with the Shazam mobile app.

Mast​erClass x Spy Museum

So you can virtually Learn the Art of Espionage (from an anonymous instructor).

Gift Shop Souvenir

Bluetooth mic, disguised as a coffee mug, with listening headphones.

Made with Ryan Owens.