Hi,  I'm Yo-tom or Yo-tahm.

I was born in a small fishing village in the north of Israel.

My grandad was a fisherman. My dad was a fisherman. 

And I too embellish the truth when telling stories. 

Like baby Moses, I was placed in a wicker basket and left

to drift with the current across the Atlantic, hitting shore in NYC.

It was there that a family of subway rats took me in and raised me as their own. 

As an honorary rodent, I've had several near death experiences,

all involving scuffing someone's Jordans.


Creative @ Arts & Letters Creative Co. | 2020 - Present

Copywriting Intern @ Venables Bell & Partners | 2019

Grad Student @ VCU Brandcenter | 2018 - 2020

Media Planner @ Mediacom/WPP | 2017 - 2018
Media Strategist @
PHD/Omnicom | 2015 - 2017
Undergrad Student @
Boston University | 2012 - 2015

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