My name is Yotam. 


I'm a recovering whole milk drinker. 

I was born in a small fishing village in the north of Israel. My grandad was a fisherman, my dad was a fisherman, and I too embellish the truth when telling stories.

Like baby Moses, I was placed in a wicker basket and left to drift with the current across the Atlantic, hitting shore in New York City. Israel is surrounded by enemy states and terrorist regimes, yet New York proved to be more dangerous. I’ve been in several life-threatening situations, all involving scuffing someone’s Jordans.

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2017 - 2018

2015 - 2017




Industry Jobs

Copywriter Intern  |  Venables Bell & Partners

Comms Planner  |  Mediacom (WPP - GroupM)                                               

Media Planner  |  PHD Media (Omnicom Media group)                       

Copywriter Intern  |  BR Creative Group                                                    

Odd Jobs

Donut Baker  |  Made a lot of dough for not a lot of dough.

Rental Car Agent  |  The least honest living I’ve had to make.

Professional Mover  |  Worked closely with ex-cons carrying box cutters.

Commercial Fisherman  |  Fished on the boat my dad once captained.


VCU Brandcenter  |  M.S., Business  |  Copywriting

Boston University  |  B.S., Communication  |  Minor in International Relations




Gastronomy , Boxing , Fùtbol , Fishing , 20th Century History , Drums , 

North African Textile Patterns & Furnishings


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